Article 14

“Proclaim the truth and do not be silent through fear.” – Catherine of Siena


I am Subra and this is my little space on the web.  I blog primarily about law & politics in Singapore, occasionally veering off into socio-economic issues.  Article 14 of the Singapore Constitution protects the Freedom of Speech, Expression, Peaceful Assembly and Association.  But, there are excessive restrictions on these Freedoms.  I hope that I can, in my small way, contribute to the gradual realisation of these Freedoms in our land.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi I am Dr. Swaminathan and I read your excellent piece on the rehabilitation of LKY

    Well done!
    A bit late of course, as I don’t have quite so much time to read blogs.
    A friend forwarded it to me
    I was amazed how it summed up exactly how I and I suspect many of my generation felt!
    I too grieved out of respect, during the week of mourning which I called Leephoria
    Then I felt different,
    Being the “scared” Singaporean I was, I started writing a secret article entitled:
    History may Judge you Differently Mr. Lee.
    Now it looks like I don’t have to, as you have raised many of the points I felt strongly about.
    I am collating material that our future generation may look back on and see things in proper perspective and I would love to meet up with you one day
    I am slightly older than you, I think, and I was in Malaysia during the merger, although I was born here. We saw the whole range of historical events, from merger to separation and nation-building.
    Like you I cried, but not out of grief
    I share the same ambivalent feelings about the man

    Best regards,



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