An MP is not a rubbish collector. An MP is not a cleaning contractor. An MP is not supposed to go around looking for the person that threw out a used tampon. An MP is not there to clean your Hawker Centre ceiling. An MP is not supposed to build playgrounds and covered walkways and signboards. An MP is not an estate manager.

An MP is a Member of Parliament. Parliament is that august house where the representatives of the people come together to discuss, debate and decide upon the matters of great national importance that affect all of us as citizens.Parliament

The member of Parliament walks into that place as the representative of his constituents. He has a good listening ear. He has a heart for his constituents. He understands their worries and their needs. He carries with him those worries and those needs and becomes a voice for those countless men and women that go through their daily struggles.

A member of Parliament does not treat his membership in that house as an entitlement. He does not treat his membership in that house as a badge of triumph nor as a rank on his shoulder. A member of Parliament treats his membership in that house as a precious privilege accorded to him for his willingness to be the voice of his constituents.

A member of Parliament questions the Executive on their actions and holds them accountable. He stands fearlessly on his feet and speaks as the embodiment of his constituents. He pursues the government of the day to force them to give truthful answers. He helps to sharpen policies through reasoned debate.

In all that he does in Parliament as a lawmaker and as a fearless debater of policies, he does not forget that he has no eyes to see nor tongue to speak than as directed by the collective concerns of his constituents.

The citizen should give his vote to his MP for that MP to be a powerful and passionate voice in the one place in the land where the fate of the nation is determined.

If you vote for an estate manager, he is not going to change educational policies. If you vote for an estate manager, he is not going to heal your healthcare woes. If you vote for an estate manager, he is not going to address the transportation needs of the nation. If you vote for an estate manager, he is not going to speak up for your retirement needs.

If you want your needs to be addressed, you need policies to be changed. If you want policies to be changed, you need creative ideas and solutions. If you want creative ideas and solutions, you need a diversity of views to be represented in parliament. if you want a diversity of views in parliament, you must rescind the idea of a one party state.

You should not vote for an estate manager. You should vote for a Member of Parliament in the most genuine sense of that phrase. You must vote for the persons that would empower you by being your voice in Parliament.