My facebook feed has started showing up pictures of the Prime Minister’s face from different electoral divisions.

AT Jurong East bus stop.

Under the Parliamentary Elections (Election Advertising) Regulations, Rule 11 is as follows:

—11 (1)  The Returning Officer shall, for any election, determine the maximum number of posters and banners which may be displayed during the campaign period of an election in respect of each candidate or group of candidates in the electoral division in which the candidate or (as the case may be) group of candidates seeks election.
Under the Regulations it is not possible for candidates to display posters otherwise than in accordance with the Returning Officer’s determination.  How is it that there are posters bearing the PM’s face appearing in constituencies other than Ang Mo Kio GRC which is where he is standing?
Some minions have been really careless in putting up the posters.  Of course, I could be mistaken and there may be other regulations governing the display of the party leader’s face.  Perhaps, someone could enlighten me on this one.